A&Z's engagement session showcased their love & personalities so beautifully.

We met in Lassen on a gorgeous day and were SHOCKED by the amount of snow still around. I am talking some SNOW!! They were amazing and were down for all my crazy ideas. I brought along a few hides and of course a blue lariat. Z was sooo down to have some fun roping his lady but quickly realized that thing was in my client closet for a reason haha

A&Z were both hesitant to be in front of the camera but quickly realized I just needed them to be in love. We included a few of their fur babes, did you see that pup ear frame?!, which we got to recreate on their wedding day! These fur babes were only out for a bit but loved every second of their camera time, models I'm telling ya.

Wedding Day

The Western wedding of my dreams.

People ask me about my perfect wedding, no drama, etc. This was it.

A&Z are both such amazing human beings and you could feel the love in every ounce of their day. It was very low key and amazingly beautiful.

The girls got ready at the MOST gorgeous cabin! The lighting, location, minus 8487464849 crickets, was out of a fairytale. Their families ranch was in the background of all their portraits which made it even more special.